The Alfa series from Tripole is a tactical and combat backpack which has multiple utilities. Price starts from Rs. 1595

The Tripole Captain is a multi-utility tactical backpack designed for day hikes in the fields. Price starts from Rs. 825

Tripole Colonel Series are designed explicitly for rucksacks to pack and segregate your luggage seamlessly. Starting at Rs. 2645

Cycling hydration packs are lightweight and ideal for holding your water and energy drinks. They can help you stay hydrated on your outdoor adventures. Starting at Rs. 495

Tripole Terra Backpacking and Trekking rucksacks are specifically designed to seamlessly pack and segregate your luggage. Starting at Rs. 2195

Tripole Walker 55 Litre is the ideal rucksack for hiking/backpacking for 5 to 10 days in any terrain and any season of the year. Starting at Rs.1995